Friday, 10 January 2014

speak more than one language reduces the risk of brain diseases

Recent studies have revealed that many speak more than one language reduces the risk of brain diseases.
research in India alzheymer 240 patients, including 650 people attended the 66-year-old.
participants, 391 of whom were people speaking 2 or more languages.

 Scientists have determined that the people who spoke a language than 1 alzheymer disease later, after 4.5 years. educational level did not influence the results of the research. study co-author Thomas Baca said, speaking different languages ​​brains of people are forced to choose between words and phrases. then, the brain concentration means to reduce exposure to diseases of the brain.

Scientists found that there was no positive outcome to speak more than 2 languages. Studies hallusinasiya and progressive brain disease associated with the onset of dementia in the Levy process has gecikdirmÉ™diyini. 

Tomas Baca said, according to the study of languages, it does not matter what age . He says that language is of great benefit in the study, regardless of age. bilingualism demensiyaları delay was observed in humans, even illiterate

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