Monday, 6 January 2014

Causes of cellulite - Truth about Cellulite Review

Joey Atlas Program divided the causes generally endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external).
Endogenous causes of cellulite:
Hormonal changes occurring in the body – e.g. during puberty or pregnancy
Breach of the thyroid gland, liver,
Deformation of the spine,
Eating problems and disorders,
Heredity - the structure of the skin and subcutaneous tissue characteristics in the process of metabolism at the cellular level.

Exogenous Causes of Cellulite:
Alcohol and coffee,
Overeating, unbalanced and irregular eating leads to excessive deposition of fat
Too tight clothes - when wearing tight clothing or such smaller number is obtained pressing the blood vessels that causes circulatory failure,
Stress - increased release of adrenaline - the hormone that causes vasospasm and circulatory disorders of the system,
Sedentary life - lack of physical activity and stress causes metabolic slowdown.

When should I worry?
Offer you an uncomplicated test of cellulite - with both hands, press the skin of the thigh and head office. If forming the so-called "orange peel", it means that you have cellulite. The more pronounced are pleating, the more serious the problem is. In severe cases, cellulite deposits and irregularities are visible without pinching the skin. Bumps and roughness is not the only sign of cellulite. Another typical problem is "orange peel".
Appears feeling of pain and tension, even when slight pressure or wearing tight clothing.

When touch feel larger or smaller "units".
Appear stretch marks or indentations on the skin.
The fabric is prone to injuries and injury. Even with a flick been displayed bruises due to fragile blood vessels and impaired blood circulation.
Sensation of heaviness and fatigue, even during light physical activity.
Pain and discomfort in the muscles located below the cellulite deposits.

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