Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fight Cellulite with Coffee

One of the most effective methods for the treatment of cellulite is through coffee grounds. Coffee helps to deal with cellulite on the legs and buttocks, experts are.

Contained in coffee caffeine excellent breaks down fats and sand structure of ground coffee acts as a scrub, making skin smooth and soft.

Anti-cellulite recipe is quite easy - collect in one week coffee by holding it in a closed container. Before you do the procedure in the collected sludge add tea spoon of honey and olive oil equally. Mix all ingredients well.

Before applying body cellulite products, take a shower or bath, do massage with a sponge or a special anti-cellulite brush.

To improve the effect wrap the legs and hips nylon, sit back and totally relax. Within minutes, remove the plastic, wash the coffee mixture and apply anti-cellulite body cream.

In the fight against cellulite can prepare and hot tub in which you add a handful of coarse salt. Then thoroughly brush your body with olive oil, and to make a real difference - you need to take at least ten days in the month to perform this procedure.

Studies show that nearly 85% of adult women are to some extent affected by the "orange peel." rate, which includes both ladies aspiring to an active and healthy lifestyle, and others that sport and proper eating is not a priority.

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