Friday, 10 January 2014

Depression "Anti accelerates"

According depression affects aging. It has been proven in studies. Scientists investigating the impact of depression on the health of the cell, 2 thousand 407 people were involved in the research. Verhoeven Josine VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands and U.S. researchers reported that one-third of elected volunteers who are depressed or have depression, while the rest were not depressed. Studies to investigate the aging of cells, volunteers, blood samples were determined in the laboratory. Then the researchers observed changes in cells called telomer.

telomer uzunluqlarındakı changes caused by aging of the cell was determined. Uclarındakı Teleomerlər DNA structures that make up chromosomes. Bolundukcə cells, the shorter telomerler. Telomerlər those who had depression or depression, those who are depressed because of the relatively short pruning is one of the causes of aging. Researcher Dr. Verhoeven and his team, the causes of depression as a reaction to the body, he says telomerlerin.

study, as well as differences, such as heavy alcohol use and smoking was found to be significant in terms of lifestyle changes. Experts said that for this reason, alcohol use, depression and aging factors such as lack of training equal to pave the way for a variety of diseases.

research results more severely depressed individuals exposed cells showed biological aging. Her too it should be noted that similar findings have been found during the research, more than 2 people. This results in "Molecular Psychiatry", published in the journal.

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