Saturday, 11 January 2014

Scientists are very close to the human brain, the brain can grow in laboratory conditions

Scientists are very close to the human brain, the brain can grow in laboratory conditions. tədqiqiata human cells used by the Austrian and British scientists have begun creating human tissue. then created the body close to the brain chemicals and proteins. 9 weeks later began to be formed on the retina cisimdə. Organoclay brain scientists call the brain, the human brain, but it is very similar. Scientists say that the location is between the ears, can replace beynəbənzər balls. Even though they are not available in many parts of the brain in place. artificial brain development, brain development and allows observation of anormallıqlarını.

According to eastern folk medicine for hundreds mutəffəkirləri Medicinal consider. They do not have the diseases. Everything depends on the person.
's təbəbətində are some of the herbs and flowers that had served for so many years with healing properties. The plants in folk medicine, not only helps us in our daily life. This is one of the plants known to be the color of pale yellow or golden yellow yarrow plants. This herb tea and medicinal properties which are considered necessary during the washing procedure is used as a health and beauty.
river prepared - yarrow plant with a spoon or 2-3 pieces look delicate flower, a medium-sized cup full of water and boil for 10 minutes, After dəmləndikdən suzurlər. 3 cups of tea per day on an empty stomach in the absence of side effects and recommended to drink between meals. 
bathing as a means - two big handful of finely sliced ​​100 g fresh or dried plants and plant gozlədirlər in cold water overnight. The next day, heated to boiling, and then use it as a means of washing Filter. But this plant should not be used during pregnancy. Some can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. This medicinal herb is also known as multi-annual and herbaceous plants are among the. It is a fat-tipped bluish color.
azulen that is, according to legend, limonene, sineol, borneol, pinenler, combines seskiterenləri. Turkey, with 40 species known and used among yarrow plant is used in the treatment of diseases of the joints, known as rheumatism. The seed treatment on dry yarrow pour 1 cup boiling water and 1 hour after the warning suzurlər clothing. Back pain, rheumatism and neuralgia eat 3-4 times a day until it is accepted by 1 tablespoon.
Moreover, the treatment of diseases of the biliary tract, along with other useful plants, raspberry leaf, mint, yarrow herb marza and is also very useful.

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