Saturday, 11 January 2014

Regular exercise is good against stress

To improve the symptoms of depression within a certain time on the Internet about the sport, there are a number of reports.
According to one of these data, the results of a study showed that a single sport has the power to improve such a serious depressive mood.

these aspects have a positive impact on human health, such as a simple morning walk shows. Exercise plays a role in emergency support for those who are depressed.

cycling, hiking, swimming and other sports to be beneficial against stress and depression are very useful.
researchers conducted a study on depression and sports, training tends to treat depression underlying disorder he says. The study revealed that one of the results, the study involved 2 groups during exercise stress, anger, depression, and feelings such as fatigue azlıb.

researchers observed that when groups of people who follow sports program qismiminin a great sense of well-being and vitality, he says.

Scientists are very close to the human brain, the brain can grow in laboratory conditions

Scientists are very close to the human brain, the brain can grow in laboratory conditions. tədqiqiata human cells used by the Austrian and British scientists have begun creating human tissue. then created the body close to the brain chemicals and proteins. 9 weeks later began to be formed on the retina cisimdə. Organoclay brain scientists call the brain, the human brain, but it is very similar. Scientists say that the location is between the ears, can replace beynəbənzər balls. Even though they are not available in many parts of the brain in place. artificial brain development, brain development and allows observation of anormallıqlarını.

According to eastern folk medicine for hundreds mutəffəkirləri Medicinal consider. They do not have the diseases. Everything depends on the person.
's təbəbətində are some of the herbs and flowers that had served for so many years with healing properties. The plants in folk medicine, not only helps us in our daily life. This is one of the plants known to be the color of pale yellow or golden yellow yarrow plants. This herb tea and medicinal properties which are considered necessary during the washing procedure is used as a health and beauty.
river prepared - yarrow plant with a spoon or 2-3 pieces look delicate flower, a medium-sized cup full of water and boil for 10 minutes, After dəmləndikdən suzurlər. 3 cups of tea per day on an empty stomach in the absence of side effects and recommended to drink between meals. 
bathing as a means - two big handful of finely sliced ​​100 g fresh or dried plants and plant gozlədirlər in cold water overnight. The next day, heated to boiling, and then use it as a means of washing Filter. But this plant should not be used during pregnancy. Some can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. This medicinal herb is also known as multi-annual and herbaceous plants are among the. It is a fat-tipped bluish color.
azulen that is, according to legend, limonene, sineol, borneol, pinenler, combines seskiterenləri. Turkey, with 40 species known and used among yarrow plant is used in the treatment of diseases of the joints, known as rheumatism. The seed treatment on dry yarrow pour 1 cup boiling water and 1 hour after the warning suzurlər clothing. Back pain, rheumatism and neuralgia eat 3-4 times a day until it is accepted by 1 tablespoon.
Moreover, the treatment of diseases of the biliary tract, along with other useful plants, raspberry leaf, mint, yarrow herb marza and is also very useful.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Did you know about sea-buckthorn?

Natural ways to treat most of the time to be healthy and keep away from plants. Given the importance of the sea-buckthorn plants natural healing remedy for many ills.
autumn of thousands of sea-buckthorn Berry is considered a remedy. Its vitamins, microelements with plenty of fruit, leaves, roots, each of them separately remedy the disease. In recent years, sea-buckthorn fruits and seeds while retaining the excellent quality of the press, and it produces fatty fat fat "oblepixovoye maslo" in the name is widely used in medicine. Caytikanının seeds 3.5 percent and a large amount of sugar, acid, E, B1, B2, folic acid , RR, K, R and E, carotene, iron, boron, are marqanes. This is the raw fruits, as well as designing various products can be used. Caytikanının offer the most useful features. 1 The berries are of great importance for the functioning of the nervous system of its ingredients

. 2 Bacteria have a devastating sea-buckthorn oil. Wounds heal quicker, is used to reduce pain. It regulates the metabolism of the red-orange-colored oil carotene, vitamin F, iron, silver, cobalt, nickel, and so rich. It also contains a built in fat, but also can be used for external recruitment. It also increases protein lungs, restoration of damaged cells stimulates soon. acute laryngitis, pharyngitis gunotrə 15 dəqiiqə diseases such as inhalation (vapor, gas or liquid or powdered substances were treated by means of breathing) can be. 3 In the case of the frozen sea-buckthorn fruit can keep for a long time.

 The fruits are useful in the prevention of elderly antisklerozun. 4 Buckthorn juice is the perfect tool to cough. Scores will be combined to make him a more effective impact. 5 Scurvy (vitamin deficiency disease resulting from gums) from the sea-buckthorn has been used previously. For this, 5 grams of dried leaves in 1 cup of berries in boiling water must evaporate. 6 Reduction of gastric juice and fresh fruit juice is recommended caytikanının. 7 Caytikanından can drink the decoction prepared from gastric diseases. 3 tablespoons boiling water is added to 0.5 liters of berries. After 10 qaynadandan dəqiqiə less heat can drink as a tea 2-3 times a day. gastrointestinal tract disruption can prepare a decoction of the leaves and twigs. gastric and duodenal ulcer diseases:

 30 minutes before a meal and a half cq Sea-buckthorn oil is recommended to take 3 times a day. The course of treatment - 10 days. 8 Frostbite, burns, wounds, festering wounds of the fresh fruit is recommended to put on. 9 Sea-buckthorn is rich in B vitamins. This fruit is not only for men after age 40, even if only three people in the restoration of power, the elimination of the problem is useful. Anise, fresh fruits, salads and fat will help to solve this problem.

10th Caytikanının oxalic acid in the leaves and fruit of the body, and has a diuretic effect. Attention! Sea-buckthorn oil and its products should be carried out under the supervision of the treating physician. Acute cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation), hepatitis (liver inflammation), pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), diarrhea taken to the sea-buckthorn oil is contraindicated

What is Psychotherapy?

Unlike other diseases, and psychiatric treatments are carried out in various ways. The reason for this is a method of psychotherapy applied to other diseases.

seen this method of treatment for the cause of the disease. Psychological problems which led to the emergence of depression in some patients does not occur. example, that there are people who, according to their self-esteem issues are subject to a formal consultation by psychotherapy. effective drug in the treatment of patients with depression, many of which are applied to solve this problem. It should be noted that from her too, need psychotherapy, varies according to each patient.

Sometimes it is enough just drug treatment. Bəzəndə both psychotherapy and drug use seems appropriate. In many cases, psychotherapeutic methods are applied alone.

School-age children, dairy products more useful. Longevity, healthy growth and development in the energy and nutrients needed for dairy products, beverage miraculous yetərincədirBu protein, carbohydrate, fat group minerals, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and other vitamins. nutritional elements. Muscle development and growth in terms of weight of the protein more children, youth and adults in need.
Milky regulates the digestive system, promotes growth and development, while preserving the teeth and prevent caries. Useful in the development of the brain.

efficient cell and tissue formation and restoration. It helps in strengthening the bones and the immune system.
experts have linear contact between calcium intake and growth. Every day children and young people who drink milk, milk drinkers than less tall and is the tallest. For this reason, the amount of milk given to children to develop to the fullest. You should drink at least one glass of milk per day on a regular basis.
dairy products in children, abstract thinking, problem solving, memory, attention, concentration, as it is important for the development of the intellectual faculties. 

compared with children who drink milk, milk for children to be successful in helping smokers were defined.
Reports a child of primary school age to at least 500 ml per day, meaning it is considered ideal to drink two cups of milk.
edilirYaraların addition of milk used as an ointment helps to quickly shut down.

speak more than one language reduces the risk of brain diseases

Recent studies have revealed that many speak more than one language reduces the risk of brain diseases.
research in India alzheymer 240 patients, including 650 people attended the 66-year-old.
participants, 391 of whom were people speaking 2 or more languages.

 Scientists have determined that the people who spoke a language than 1 alzheymer disease later, after 4.5 years. educational level did not influence the results of the research. study co-author Thomas Baca said, speaking different languages ​​brains of people are forced to choose between words and phrases. then, the brain concentration means to reduce exposure to diseases of the brain.

Scientists found that there was no positive outcome to speak more than 2 languages. Studies hallusinasiya and progressive brain disease associated with the onset of dementia in the Levy process has gecikdirmədiyini. 

Tomas Baca said, according to the study of languages, it does not matter what age . He says that language is of great benefit in the study, regardless of age. bilingualism demensiyaları delay was observed in humans, even illiterate

Depression "Anti accelerates"

According depression affects aging. It has been proven in studies. Scientists investigating the impact of depression on the health of the cell, 2 thousand 407 people were involved in the research. Verhoeven Josine VU University Medical Center in the Netherlands and U.S. researchers reported that one-third of elected volunteers who are depressed or have depression, while the rest were not depressed. Studies to investigate the aging of cells, volunteers, blood samples were determined in the laboratory. Then the researchers observed changes in cells called telomer.

telomer uzunluqlarındakı changes caused by aging of the cell was determined. Uclarındakı Teleomerlər DNA structures that make up chromosomes. Bolundukcə cells, the shorter telomerler. Telomerlər those who had depression or depression, those who are depressed because of the relatively short pruning is one of the causes of aging. Researcher Dr. Verhoeven and his team, the causes of depression as a reaction to the body, he says telomerlerin.

study, as well as differences, such as heavy alcohol use and smoking was found to be significant in terms of lifestyle changes. Experts said that for this reason, alcohol use, depression and aging factors such as lack of training equal to pave the way for a variety of diseases.

research results more severely depressed individuals exposed cells showed biological aging. Her too it should be noted that similar findings have been found during the research, more than 2 people. This results in "Molecular Psychiatry", published in the journal.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Fight Cellulite with Coffee

One of the most effective methods for the treatment of cellulite is through coffee grounds. Coffee helps to deal with cellulite on the legs and buttocks, experts are.

Contained in coffee caffeine excellent breaks down fats and sand structure of ground coffee acts as a scrub, making skin smooth and soft.

Anti-cellulite recipe is quite easy - collect in one week coffee by holding it in a closed container. Before you do the procedure in the collected sludge add tea spoon of honey and olive oil equally. Mix all ingredients well.

Before applying body cellulite products, take a shower or bath, do massage with a sponge or a special anti-cellulite brush.

To improve the effect wrap the legs and hips nylon, sit back and totally relax. Within minutes, remove the plastic, wash the coffee mixture and apply anti-cellulite body cream.

In the fight against cellulite can prepare and hot tub in which you add a handful of coarse salt. Then thoroughly brush your body with olive oil, and to make a real difference - you need to take at least ten days in the month to perform this procedure.

Studies show that nearly 85% of adult women are to some extent affected by the "orange peel." rate, which includes both ladies aspiring to an active and healthy lifestyle, and others that sport and proper eating is not a priority.